Every patient is treated as a person and not a body or a number.

As patients are individual, they require care that is tailored to their very particular needs. Our treatment protocols are flexible to cater to the changing needs of every patient. Customized care allows our therapists to maximize treatment effectiveness and substantially reduce the time in reaching the patients’ required outcome(s).


Therapy is the platform for a client to optimize their body full health potential. Our therapists are the best in providing passive care as well as assisting and supporting the patient in implementing the finest active care (rehabilitation) at home. Compassionately designing programs to support the treatment provided in the clinic in the comfort of your own home or office. Whether the program entails rehabilitation for an injured area, stretching programs to minimize postural stress, Pilates based techniques to strengthen weakened muscle or ergonomic advice, no problem is without an effective solution.


Our multi-faceted approach will tackle any patient’s condition from a broad range of therapeutic disciplines. We are ever evolving and growing to including many disciplines as part of our team. Incline health has a broad network doctors and other professionals in which co-management is an asset to the patients care. Combining our therapists’ diverse knowledge base, every client’s needs are comprehensively meet.


Science is always revolutionizing the way in which health and the human body is cared for. Our therapists are on the cutting edge of all scientific advancements. Not only are the trained to the highest standard, we are constantly evolving and implement best evidence-based practices into all our therapies and protocols.

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