Our Chiropractors are specialised to deal with all sports related injuries., that require sports specific knowledge. The needs of athletes differ from that of the general population, and while minor injury and aches and pains can be treated very successfully by all Incline Health therpaists. Incline Health works closely with local and elite athletes. With strong links with the elite football clubs, futsal clubs, cross-fit and triathlon communities, our chiropractors are able to diagnosis, treat and return all athletes to full function in the quickest possible time.

Sports injuries do differ from the common injuries that people get working and going about their lives. When you consider the high forces and strain that athletes place on their bodies through both training and competition its little wonder why they require a chiropractor with advanced knowledge of sports injuries, training, recovery, treatments and prevention.

With the use of various techniques such as myofascial and active release techniques, ultrasound therapy, strapping techniques (kinesotape and rigid) and specific rehab modalities – the clinic is fully equipped to assist in the recovery of any sporting injury. Incline health has strong relationship with a number of leading Sydney sports physicians who can assist with any complicated case. This relationship allows a multimodal approach in which the athlete receives all necessary care without long waiting lists.

Our chiropractors treat a wide range of spine, sports, and muscle and joint injuries from a wide range of patient populations, including:

  • Active Children
  • Adolescent athletes
  • Adult athletes
  • Elderly athletes

Our chiropractors treat a range of athletes will varying skill levels such as:

  • Active people not playing competitive sport
  • Novice athletes
  • Intermediate athletes
  • Professional athletes
  • Elite athletes
  • Weekend warrior athletes


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